Prospective Medical Candidates want to know more about the process of getting into US medical residency.

The complete process from submitting application to arriving to the United States is as follows:

Submit their Curriculum Vitae, Personal Statement, and Statement of Intent.

  • USA Medical Management will process the Papers.
  • The candidates will be interviewed via Skype or conference call.
  • USA Medical Management will decide the candidate is accepted to the program or not, if selected will further Process
  • Contract and terms will be signed with USA Medical Management to conduct research. RMG will support H1 for advancement of global science.

When do students have to pay the money and how?

It will be discussed during the Interview.

Is it a onetime payment?

Payments plan can be arranged.

Who will pay for the air fare?

Student will pay for the airfare.

What happens once the candidate arrives? Accommodation, living expenses, etc.

We will assist the students to get the accommodation close to the Hospitals.

If the candidate has not passed USMLE step 1 or step 2, and one year experience as a house doctor in a hospital is he/she eligible?

All Medical graduates with or without USMLE exams are eligible with a minimum score of 230.

*Prices are calculated on the basis of current market price.
*Any further questions please contact us.